Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Patchwork Theatre at the George Eisteddfod

- Ailsa Tudhope -

The Little Theatre in George was the venue for the 2009 Eisteddfod. What a treat for our children to be able to deliver their pieces on stage in a real theatre. The Patchwork Theatre team took part in a wide range of categories and acquitted themselves admirably. We are very proud of them indeed.

It was great to be able to watch children from other centres performing and we picked up lots of ideas. The judges were extremely encouraging and their comments will assist us in planning for future eisteddfods. Well done, Bobby and Nicky (Grade 1) and Sarah (recorder) for doing so well at your first eisteddfod.

The following week the children performed their items for their families and teachers at the Lazy Lizard – what an evening! Congratulations everyone!

Poetry: Abigail Modra B+, Joshua Swanepoel A; Matthew Van Heerden A++;

Group Poem: Abigail Modra, Joshua Swanepoel & Matthew Van Heerden A;

Poetry: Nadia Lerm B+ , Caleb Swanepoel A, Christopher Mullins A++, Alexander Swanepoel A+, Hannah Modra A+, Rebekah Swanepoel A++, Sarah Modra B+, Michelle Mullins B+, Dustin Myburgh B+, Nicolai Pastrana A, Robin Swanepoel A+;

Dialogue: Christopher Mullins & Alexander Swanepoel A;

Choral Verse: Christopher Mullins, Alexander Swanepoel, Hannah Modra & Rebekah Swanepoel B+;

Vocal solo: Caleb Swanepoel A, Rebekah Swanepoel A;

Vocal duet: Caleb & Rebekah Swanepoel A;

Instrumental: Sarah Modra B+.

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