Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Christian Perspective

- Renee Finn -

A favourite excerpt of mine from author, Susan Squeallati Florence’s book “Time Alone” is: “Our lives are so busy. Full of people and things to do. Our days are chaotic and confusing trying to get it all done. We know we need our own personal space. We ache to get away.

It can be more important to be with your own self than to be with others. It is as important to be in “your world” as it is to be in “the world.”

But it is hard to take time alone. We feel we are wasting time. There are parts of our lives we would rather not think about, so we keep busy. By taking time alone we can look at unresolved problems and be in touch with our sadness. By being with all the different parts of ourselves, we will grow and become more whole.

What we find within ourselves, when we take time alone, is enormous. We can rediscover who we really are. We look within and see the things that are precious and meaningful to our lives. We realise our hopes and dreams. We are nourished by just “being.”

I hope each day will bring you time alone with someone wonderful: Your Creator.”

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