Monday, November 30, 2009

Promising work by our Chamber of Commerce

- David Long -

The many residents who attended the 19 November meeting of the Prince Albert Chamber of Commerce were visibly impressed by the Chamber’s achievements since its inception earlier this year. They were also treated to an excellent presentation by Paul Hoffman Acting Branch Manager for the Small Economic Development Agency (SEDA) in George.

Progress by the Chamber has been made in the following areas:

The PACC website is fully operational and can be accessed at:
Sponsors and advertisers are invited to provide more information for members of the Chamber.

The A to Z Directory of Services available in Prince Albert is currently being updated, and the cut off date for submission of amendments and corrections is 15th December 2009, when the Directory will be sent to print.

The Chamber lobbied vigorously for ADSL to be introduced to Prince Albert. TELKOM has advised that there are now an additional 42 ports available to Prince Albert.

Yolande Singery advised that she is an agent for VOX, and gave a brief description of this facility. VOX can provide cheaper internet access as well as cheaper and in some cases free call charges. Further information on VOX is available from Yolande directly on 082 882 8289.

The meeting was well attended by local business people who were clearly interested in Paul Hoffman’s presentation on SEDA, a user-friendly organisation that provides an advisory service to small entrepreneurs starting up their own businesses.

SEDA is funded by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and in many cases their services are free of charge. They help with business plans and provide additional advice and support with marketing and networking. They also run relevant training programmes.

For further information regarding SEDA visit their website located at or contact:
Paul Hoffman on 044 874 4770 or 082 577 5302.

There was a spirited discussion about the current delays in the approval by the Municipality of building plans. It was reported that currently there are 25 sets of plans for new buildings or renovations that are outstanding.

Not only did this have a frustrating effect on the relevant homeowner, it also had a negative effect on individuals and businesses who are dependant on such activities.

At the moment there is a joint services agreement between Prince Albert and Beaufort West for the approval of plans. A resident requested that the PACC put pressure on the Municipality to reinstate the local planning approval process. The PACC agreed to this request, and have written to the Municipal Manager.

The Chamber wishes all its members and all Prince Alberters season’s greetings and looks forward to its next meeting in March 2010.

Any enquiries regarding the
Chamber should be sent to:
The Swartberg Hotel, Church Street,
Prince Albert.
or via e-mail to

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