Monday, November 30, 2009

Zwartberg 200 Club News

We held the Draw at the Golf Club on 6th October and after much excitement and encouragement from our golfers, the first prize went to John Seldon from de Beer St, and second prize went to John Begg for his third win! Third prize went to Richard McKnight.

Thank you to these winners who generously donated their prizes back into the pool and by the way, John Seldon was one of the initial supporters in the concept of this project. Thank you!
2010 is looming ahead and we are planning our fundraising for next year. Once again we ask you to join us for the 200 CLUB.

Another project is the Zwartberg 200 Plus Club which is a R100 donation for the year, payable before 15 February 2010 and works on the same draw system and prize money of 30% of monthly input.

All the forms are included in the newspaper and will be available at various shops including Home Hardware, Prince of Africa and the Tourism Office. Please join us for some fun and fundraising.

For any further enquiries:
Di Steyn [P T A], tel 023 5411 454 or the school secretary at 023 5411 570.

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